August 9th, 2015 is the first celebration of world indigenous people in Palangkaraya. More than 600 people gathered in City Park Yos Sudarso in grand screening that conducted by Ranu welum collaborated with NGOs and Dayak Voices.

There were 12 short videos and documentary made by Dayak Youth which were screened during the event. One of them is "Defend"; a short film that tells the story of a local farmer whose land was taken forcibly by oil company. Then, the film "Ela Laya" which tells about the cultural values of the Dayaks. There is also the film "Dayak Berbicara" a short film that speaks about Dayak voices by Dayak rich and varied language. One of the film that tells about the struggle of Tjilik Riwut, the national hero of Dayak who defend his homeland by only using javelin “Tutur Sang Pejuang”. There are also some films from NGO which tells about human right violations by the company against indigenous people.

This event highlighted injustice and oppression by extraction industries that happened in Kalimantan. Panel discussion and oration about the rights of indigenous people have been shouted. Besides, there were also some performances such as traditional dance, musical drama and acoustic songs. No less interesting, the committee also prepared Dayak snacks that can take by the audience freely.

Untill the end of the event many people stayed on in the park excitedly. The event ended with festive fireworks, then people danced the Manasai dance together and sang traditional songs.