Dear friends, donors, supporters, volunteers, readers, partners, and all who stands for humanity around the world.

We are delighted to send you warmest regard of Happy New Year 2017!

2016 has been an amazing year. We have achieved many great things together for the sake of Dayak culture, protecting forest and bringing the voice of indigenous Dayak people to the world. Here are seven highlights of 2016!


  1. Public Event Youth Act Campaign in April 2016. Youth Act #Act2Give is a campaign which calls out young people to join in the movement with one ultimate goal; to end forest fire and toxic haze that has happened in Kalimantan for 19 years. The movement started with public screening that gave information about why fire happened and the danger of the haze. YA Campaign runs for eight months and keeps spreading awareness about forest fire and how to protect ourselves from toxic haze.

  2. Launching Ranu Welum Foundation in May 2016. Along together with festival of culture Isen Mulang in PalangkaRaya, we chose May 16th to launch this foundation officially. Known as Ranu Welum Media, this foundation stands as advocacy media which is committed to serve Dayak people and save the land. This launching was attended by media partners, NGOs, filmmakers, and also international guests including Sofia Blake, wife of US Ambassador for Indonesia.

  3. Launch of DANUM Magazine. At the moment of Ranu Welum’s launching, we also launched the first edition of our bilingual magazine, DANUM. DANUM means water in Dayak language. This magazine brings the stories of culture and humanity from Borneo, both in English and Bahasa, and also some Dayak literature. More interesting, this magazine made from wasted papers and printed manually on the other side, and tapped together with glue. Besides to give education for the locals and bring the voice to the foreign readers, DANUM also meant as campaign tool to save trees and forest in Kalimantan. We call it ‘Fun Forest Rescue Operation’.  In 2016 we have published 3 editions of DANUM.

  4. Haze Shelter & Supplies. We have prepared a clean room as haze shelter with supplies (oxycan, masks, medicine, etc). This clean room is also used as Headquarter for volunteers and office for Ranu Welum staffs. It consists of two rooms. With fan, air razor and air filter, and some plants to clean the air, this haze shelter is 70% ready to use. We just need to get air conditioner, and air purifier. We have got enough lesson for 2015 haze, let’s be smart.

  5. Youth FireFighters Squad. Twenty five young volunteers were trained to be firefighters in Jumpun Pambelom peatland forest. These guys are ready to help extinguishing fire whenever needed!

  6. Regional & International recognition through When Women Fight documentary. In August our latest short documentary entitled When Women Fight has been selected to be screened in Freedom Film Festival Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and also ASEAN People Forum in Dili, Timor Leste. This film was also be screened in GIN Kalimantan Conference which was held in Palangkaraya on 16th September, in which we also led two workshop about life rights and kids campaign. In October, Emmanuela Shinta featured in Ubud Writer and Reader Festival 2016 for four sections and film WWF was also screened. It was such a fantastic achievement and honour in five months since launching!

  7. Local empowering program through filmmaking community. Since 2014 Ranu Welum has been known as filmmaking community which helps and facilitates local youth to learn about media audiovisual. In 2016 Ranu Welum Media involved some young people to join in at least five filmmaking projects. One of them is a short documentary about history behind Kalimantan forest fire, a project with INFIS (Indonesia Nature Film Society) where the team supported by us finished their project and got second winner. This is just one example of our mission to train the locals with skill and knowledge, as we also provide job opportunity for them along together with the space of creativity.


We would like to thank everyone for love and supports given all these time. New season has come. Without doubt, we warmly invite you to join us in next missions as we still have a lot of thing to do in this land of Borneo. We hope for the good ones keep coming along the way of this journey. Kalimantan need you. This earth need you.