Dear friends, donors, supporters, volunteers, partners, readers, DANUM subscribers, all fellows who stand for justice and humanity around the world.

We are delighted to send you the warmest regard of Happy New Year 2018 from the heart of Borneo island!

A year has ended. Another year is coming. We are so glad that 2017 has been an amazing year for Ranu Welum. Together we have been doing great things to bring the voice of Dayak community to the world, speak for justice on indigenous people’s rights and also act to protect the forest of Kalimantan and preserve the culture.  As we are entering a new season, we are happy to present you the seven highlights of 2017!

1. Filmmaking Community: Media Mentoring Program

Earlier in 2017, we had filmmaking mentoring program whose objective to give media skill training for young indigenous people in Kalimantan. It is our commitment to support and empower local people especially youth to reach their potential and use it as the tool to voice themselves to the world. By training new filmmakers, we believe this would be one effective way in this digital era to advocate the issue as well to educate people. Filmmaking mentoring program was running for two months (March-April) and successfully help 20 youth to produce three short films and three videos about Dayak wisdom and culture.

You can watch all videos and short films by these indigenous youth in Ranu Welum Youtube channel. Subscribe please! :)

2. Haze Shelter Set Up

After one year preparation, haze shelter set up is finally finished in June 2017. The shelter, invented and funded by our dear friend and partner Wally Tham from Big Red Button Singapore, consists of two floors concrete building which designed with two stages filter. This building is located in the Palangka Raya city and can have 60 children or 40 adults inside. Beside this shelter, Wally also developed another alternative shelter for rural areas, especially wooden houses in the villages. This shelter called ‘nest’, is made from the sustainable material (rattan) and more simple yet effective to protect a family safe from toxic haze exposure. In addition, our shelter is the first shelter in Indonesia which is used as a pilot to the solution of haze impact.

Click here to learn more about our haze shelter.

3. Global Landscape Forum: Peatland Matter

Ranu Welum also took part in an international peatland forum where the founder, Emmanuela Shinta, was invited to be a speaker. Speaking in two sections, Emmanuela Shinta spoke boldly the voice from the ground and addressed the indigenous people perspective on the policies of peatland management, forest fire prevention, and health protection. This event attended by more than 400 people from policymakers, activists, experts, and media, — as well as over 1,000 views of the event live stream and more than 9,000,000 people reached through Twitter.

Click here to watch event highlight, here to watch the main plenary CommunityPerspectiveand Priorities in Peatland, and here to watch Youth and Peatlands: Asia Pacific Regional Meeting of the International Forestry Students Association.

4. Youth Act Campaign in Haze Hacks!

Partnering with UNICEF, Big Red Button, Kopernik and Pulse Lab Jakarta, Youth Act Campaign involved in the project called Haze Hacks. This project was meant to create grass root solution for haze impact. The activities were field testing, co-design workshop and meeting with stakeholders and government.

If in 2016 we visited 17 schools, universities and communities and reached 2,370 students to give education and information about forest fire and haze, in 2017 we had more meetings with government institutions. Partnership with UNICEF opened the door for our youth volunteers to talk to local government about YA. We had 8 meetings with local government including health department, forestry and environment department, Palangka Raya city Unit, disaster management unit and police officers. We also had several visit to communities and schools and reached around 500 students.

Click here for video from our recent collaboration with UNICEF and partners. 

5. The Celebration of World Indigenous People Day: The Guardians of the Forest

On 19th August we collaborated with local communities and young people in the city to hold a celebration of World Indigenous People Day. The celebration had two sections. First was a thematic seminar about forest fire and haze which was attended by 72 students, teachers and stakeholders. We worked with CIMTROP (Center for International Cooperation in Sustainable Management of Tropical Peatland), Pramuka and Muhammadiyah Center on the workshop. The second part was an outdoor cultural celebration in the evening where we had a grand screening of films made by Dayak youth indigenous filmmakers and also various Dayak cultural performances. This event was attended by more than 600 people. In this celebration, we also had a declaration on UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People) read by youth leaders of the Dayak community and launched our partnership with U-Report Indonesia for indigenous people issue. Click here to watch the glimpse of the celebration (Bahasa only).

6. Journey to the Heart of Borneo; Reconnecting & Live-in Experience

We also conducted two trips to two regions in the heart of Borneo; Katingan Hulu and East Barito. This program was meant to reconnect young people with nature and culture while giving live-in experience among Dayak communities. It included journalism activities and interview for storytelling video where our team digged the stories of humanity and culture. We also had 3 friends from US joining the trip.

First was a trip to Tumbang Habangoi, a village which is still so green and people’s lives strongly depend on the forest resources. While there, the team experienced how it felt living in the jungle. Second was a trip to Murutuwu village, located in Maanyan country, a Dayak tribe which still practice the original ritual and ceremonies. In this village the team joined the death ceremony Ijame, which is the highest ceremony in Dayak Maanyan tradition.

7. Publication

Get the e-book of Her Story 3 here.

Click here to watch Interview Cifor TV Series- GLF

Including an article about our organization and campaign that was featured in White Paper Woman and Climate, published by UNICEF France under UNICEF Global. Click here to get your copy. 

We really cannot do these all without you! Thank you for love and supports that have been poured out on the efforts to protect the forest of Borneo, preserve the Dayak culture, fight the violation against indigenous people’s rights and to empower young people in Kalimantan. We would love to continue the journey in this year 2018 with you standing by our sides. Small things matter. Please do share our message and voice to the world.





Emmanuela Shinta & Ranu Welum Team