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DANUM Magazine was created by Dayak youth to feature the voices of the Dayak indigenous community in Kalimantan, and their stories of culture, the environment, and humanity, to an international audience through a bilingual magazine (Bahasa-English, with Dayak mother tongue).

DANUM Magazine was first published in May 2016 under the Ranu Welum Foundation. DANUM is sustainably made from waste paper which is then manually bound.

Passion, love, and effort are poured into this magazine, with a desire to inform, entertain, educate, and preserve Dayak culture. 

DANUM has reached local, national and international readers.


Our Mission has four parts: 

- To document local wisdom and the cultural value of Dayak through printed media.

-  To tell stories of culture and humanity from Kalimantan to readers everywhere.

- To provide a space for creativity and writing for Dayak youth.

- To distribute a learning resource to children in remote areas through our sponsorship program. Many of these kids do not have any access to printed learning materials.


By subscribing and sponsoring DANUM Magazine, you will join our efforts to preserve Dayak culture, enhance education in Kalimantan, and protect forests in Indonesia.

Join us in our mission - together, we can make a change !


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Mission of Transformation: Sponsor an Issue

Part of the mission of DANUM is to provide a learning resource to children and villagers. These villages often lack access to educational materials, so the magazine is a source of knowledge and a way to learn about language and culture. Signing up to sponsor the magazine helps Ranu Welum distribute as many copies of DANUM as possible, so everyone has a chance to hear these stories. 

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