21 indigenous films - from indigenous communities of 5 different nations - 9 indigenous filmmakers present - 500+ attendants.


From August 9th to 11th 2019, there were 3 DAYS packed with spreading awareness on indigenous rights through films created by indigenous filmmakers and by celebrating indigenous voices.

DAY 1 - August 9th 2019

We honored Indigenous Peoples Day by beginning our film screenings at Cinema XXI.

For the first show of film festival, we screened documentations of culture and tradition from West Kalimantan: NGERA', BETANGKAN DARAH, MALI UMAI and Indigenous Initiatives (of West & Central Kalimantan): SAKOLAH ADAT ARUS KUALANT, KARUNGUT, HANDEP HARUEI, DAYAK BREAKTHROUGH.

In the second show we screened a special film DI ATAS MILENIALITAS and international films from Thailand & Africa: KAYAN: BEYOND THE RINGS, FILM SCHOOL AFRICA.

DAY 2 - August 10th 2019

The film screening continued, on the second day, we brought more serious and advocacy related topics to the film festival.

In the first show we screened documentaries from outside Kalimantan (Nagaland, Papua, Yogyakarta, Bangka, Bali): STRENGTH IN DIVERSITY, SHOT AWAKE: THE MAKING OF CHANGLANGSHU'S NEW LOG DRUM, GENERASI KAYU LAPUK,ONCE UPON A TIME IN YOGYAKARTA, NGELIMBANG, PENJOR.

The second show was even more intense, we screened a special film KUKU that brought refreshing laughs in the audience before getting emotional for the next documentaries on the rights of indigenous people: MELAWAN DIAM UNTUK HUTAN, WHEN WOMEN FIGHT PT 2, TAK KESAMPAIAN, THE STORY OF KAM AGONG.

DAY 3 - August 11th 2019
On the third day, we had a series of workshops and masterclasses from morning until afternoon.


We used TEDx style and the nine Dayak filmmakers we featured gave inspiring speeches for the participants, that are young mostly people.


Eight of our filmmakers were divided into groups of two and gave interactive workshops about the topics: Videos for Social Change (Florentini Delly & Marselina Evy) Aesthetics of Audio-Visual Work (Jovi Oroh & Aditia Ihsan), Film Production (Kristalia Juliana & Achmad Zaki Abrori), Making Documentary With Low Budget (Timotius Petrus & Sumarni Laman). Later, an “ELEVATION” Masterclass by Emmanuela Shinta focused on how to elevate your works into bigger audience.


on filmmaking, indigenous issues, and a call to action for all participants. We brainstormed what we can do as young people for change and solutions to the problems in our communities.Then, Ibu Mardiana Didana, a Senior Dayaknese Activist shared her stories of activism. At the end of the discussion, all participants had to write down their hopes, dreams, and action plans for their community and everyone had to read it out loud. We are very grateful for the variety of stakeholders that came to this event, we had adults that work in government, young policemen, youth from the Dayak indigenous community and non-indigenous, as well as college students from Papua.


We celebrated and embraced the beauty of indigenous traditions by having live performances of:
Sape by Florentini Delly ft. PKBM Students and Hendry Irwansyah, theater by Tingang Tabela, contemporary dance and rap by Sanggar Marajaki, poetry read with the theme “My Forest”, and storytelling by BG TIM,

The highlight of the event was: Ibu Mardiana’s performance and declaration of humans rights.

Nine Dayak filmmakers were present throughout the whole festival and the audience would come and approach them during show breaks or after show, to chat with them and learn. Many of the teenagers would come to Florentini Delly, as she’s still in the same age with them, at only 18 and she is already a co-founder of an ‘adat’ school (customary/traditional school) in her village.

Finally, we had a closing ceremony by dancing “Manasai”. We pushed the tables and chairs to the side, everyone danced in the middle to the song “Ayo Menari Manasai”. It was a very touching sight to see as everyone united to celebrate. When the song ended everyone hugged each other.

KIFF2019 was very memorable for the organizers, filmmakers, and participants. We’ll see you next year!