Who We Are


We work on issues of social culture, humanity, and environment in Kalimantan, the largest island in Indonesia.

Kalimantan is home to the world's most biodiverse rainforest. For centuries, the Dayak people have lived in harmony with the environment. However, forest fires have caused massive harm to the health, safety, and livelihoods of these indigenous people. Decades of deforestation, palm oil companies, and poor weather conditions led to a fire outbreak that lasted from 1997 - 2015. 2015 was the worst year, when haze from the fires was so heavy that airports and schools were closed, and people died. Even during this time, there was almost no media attention or medical assistance, with the Indonesian government doing nothing to help the victims. 

Our foundation speaks up and fights for the people who face these problems, and cannot speak for themselves. We want to share their stories through our media -- films, social media, and our magazine, DANUM MAGAZINE, and create change here on the ground. 

Our Footsteps

Ranu Welum started its journey in 2014 as a youth indigenous filmmaking community based in Palangka Raya.  It was started by Emmanuela Shinta, a young Dayak leader.  We use audiovisual media to bring our stories, and those of the Dayak people, to the world. As a community, we often discuss and share about human rights and environmental issues faced by the Dayak people, and help young people take action. We have been active in many social activities as volunteers, dedicated to our cause. 

During the worst forest fire and toxic haze time in Kalimantan last 2015, our young people moved as volunteers to help people, especially villagers who were affected the most. In collaboration with the Anti-Haze Movement, which Emmanuela Shinta coordinated, volunteers went to reach villages damaged most by fire and haze, to bring medical service, supplies, and provide crucial education on health protection. 

In May 2016, Ranu Welum officially launched it's foundation, RANU WELUM FOUNDATION. Our mission is still to empower young Dayak people to raise awareness and make change on issues that affect our community. 

We are passionate about helping people! We dare to dream, and we dream high! We want to change the world! We refuse to give up! We have determination, strength and belief in our Dayak values! We believe in all possibilities.