Since being established in 2014, RANU WELUM has helped young people learn about film/video making and develop their skills in media (shooting, editing, even acting, etc). More than 20 short films, documentary films and videos have been produced in past 3 years.

These films and videos have been screened publicly in Palangka raya and won some film competitions; two of them were Never Alone for PKY Christian Film Festival and Fighting Against the Haze in Kalteng peatland fire documentary competition. Some also have been screened regionally in many South East Asian events and programs, including our latest documentary entitled When Women Fight, which screened in Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Timor Leste. Some youth also developed their skills to do media production as a job. It’s a kind of seed to shape the future of filmmaking industry in Kalimantan.

The idea of this filmmaking community is to encourage everyone to tell about their stories to the world by using audiovisual media. We use culture as a weapon against injustice and oppression toward Dayak indigenous people and Video for social change. That's our mission. 

Our video works can be seen in Ranu Welum and Dayak Voice Youtube Channels.