Youth Act Center


Young generation plays a very important role in shaping the future of a nation. In this age where modernism has infiltrated indigenous communities in many ways, there is a big gap between the youth and the elders which leads to a disconnection of younger generation to their cultures. On the other hands, industrialization that occurs rapidly following the infrastructure building in the areas of indigenous communities and causes the big loss of the forest has been threatening the lives and existence of indigenous people. These challenges cannot be overcome by spears and swords just like the ancestors did in the past. One big weapon is needed urgently right now.


Young people have been equipped with education, technology and skills. This is the time for the youth to come back to their roots and use their power to build their communities. YOUTH ACT is a movement which calls for all indigenous youth in Indonesia to speak up about the issues in their communities and land, and take action as the part of the solutions.

Act to Give Campaign

Act to Give is the campaign whose ultimate goal is to end forest fire and toxic haze that happen in Kalimantan for over two decades since 1997. The slogan “refuse to do nothing” has been the core value of the campaign, which makes the most of every opportunity and resources to help providing health protection and also giving education to people in Kalimantan. We encourage everyone to give what they have - anything - to contribute. Since its launch in 2016, YA has been reaching to over to 3000 students and 20 villages in Central and South Kalimantan. YA also has its own firefighter volunteer team which consists of 25 young people who have received training.


Working together with Big Red Button Singapore, YA has built haze shelter which is located in Palangka Raya, both in concrete building and also an alternative shelter made from sustainable materials.


In the last two years we have been expanding a network through google group to connect all indigenous youth in Indonesia. This platform is used to share information, build solidarity and publication. Despite he challenge that Indonesian youth have not used emails for networking a lot and spent more in social media, we see this as an effective way to build data base and archive the stories a well the issues from indigenous communities through youth innovation and creativity. As we are truly aware that indigenous people’s issues are not well represented and discussed in this country, this network help to make easier publication and outreach to global audience.

We believe in people movement. We also believe in youth power. The responsibility is on our shoulders. This is the time for us to stop being trouble makers and start to develop habit as problem solvers. We are calling you to join this movement and be the part of the solutions.

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