"Whether you are a firefighter, a student, or an employer, protecting the earth is the responsibility of all."

The real heroes of forest fires are of course the firefighters. They had dedicated their life, working all day and night to protecting us. It's incredibly difficult to extinguish fires in Peatland during this dry season. Dry peat ignites very easily and can burn for days or weeks.  The firefighters often work with nothing but wood branches to stop the fires spreading because they don’t have sufficient water.

Many of the firefighters are exhausted after 2 months working hard to extinguish fires, they need more personnel and resources. For this reason, on the 31st of August, we will conduct a youth firefighter training to regenerate our youth firefighter squad. 12 students will join our training in RE-PEAT (Rehabilitation of Peatland) Tumbang Nusa. We will work together with Banjarbaru Environment and Forestry Development Institute (BP2LHK) to train these young people about teamwork, equipment, and technique to put out the fire in the peat area.

After the training, the Youth Firefighter Squad will collaborate with the local firefighters to combat fires in Central Kalimantan’s peatlands. Fire prevention is not only the duty of firefighters department, but it is everyone's, be part of it.

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