In the mid of various problems of human right violation and environmental destruction that faced by us, the original people of Kalimantan, culture as identity has become the strength for us to not be silent and do nothing but to rise and take action.

We invite you to join and take part in these initiatives!


indigenous film festival OF archipelago

Indigenous Film Festival of Archipelago is a non-profit body established to support and develop social documentary filmmaking within the context of indigenous values in preserving culture and voice the rights of indigenous people.

Bali Indigenous Film Festival

Kalimantan Indigenous Film Festival 2018

Roadshow Indigenous Film Festival

Kalimantan Indigenous Film Festival 2019



Since 2015, the youth indigenous communities in Palangka Raya have conducted annual celebration in commemoration of world indigenous people day which is on August 9th. This celebration officially run by collaboration of communities and CSOs in Palangka Raya whose works on culture, social and environment issues. Music, dance, storytelling, declaration on the rights of indigenous people become the cores of the celebration.

Besides we also hold cultural celebration outside Kalimantan.

Indigenous Celebration at Bali, May 2018

The Guardians of the Forest, August 2017


danum magazine

DANUM Magazine was created by Dayak youth to feature the voices of the Dayak indigenous community in Kalimantan, and their stories of culture, the environment, and humanity, to an international audience through a bilingual magazine (Bahasa-English, with Dayak mother tongue). DANUM is sustainably made from waste paper which is then manually bound.

Passion, love, and effort are poured into this magazine, with a desire to inform, entertain, educate, and preserve Dayak culture.

Read 2nd issue here.