“Indigenous voices are still not represented well in this country. Somehow I learn there is a new awakening. There is tribal revival. Indigenous people are rising up and take their position as the gate keepers of the land. Modernism and capitalism which infiltrate our culture make it hard to hear. But the ancient sound is different from other sounds. It can be heard over noises and ongoing debate that bury everything else. Even when it’s not shouting. Even if it’s just a whisper or the soft mention of the names of our elders, brothers and sisters. Even our lowest voices can be heard over all intimidation, when it’s telling the truth.”
— Emmanuela Shinta


still film When Women Fight PT 2.jpg

A film by Emmanuela Shinta | Documentary | Duration : 20 minutes

This film is the sequel and updates from When Women Fight 1 after forest fire and haze crisis in 2015 which made thousands of orangutan died of starvation and thousands of people hospitalized due to smoke inhalation.It tells our effort to do campaign to raise awareness about this, educate students, visit the villages, forming youth firefighter team. In the last two year, the issue is shifting from health protection & the loss of forest to be the criminalization of Dayak farmers. The team learn that forest fire is just one case of what environmental destruction in Kalimantan look like and realize the urgency of act now to protect not only environment but the ancestors & heritage. This film is about our effort to bring our public & education campaign into advocacy work in national and international level by bringing the stories from the ground.


Where we begin and end …