Usually called ‘Bang’ Timotius, having knowledge in the field of computers and audio visuals, has been successful in making creative videos. He’s from Dayak Seberuang tribe of West Kalimantan, he made a film about his tribe’s culture called NGERA’. He also volunteered in making professional videos, including short films, music videos, profile videos and others. He’s using social media as his platform to showcase his video works — BG TIM.



Evy, from Dayak Desa Sesat in Sintang Regency (West Kalimantan) is the Co-Founder of the LANGKAU ONET Foundation. She is the screenwriter for the film BETANGKAN DARAH. She also works as an officer in news and reports at the Public Relations Government of Sintang Regency. She’s very skillful in writing and wrote GAWAI DAYAK DARI BUMI SENENTANG and NGINDUP MENSIA — books on indigenous cultures of Dayak.



As a young Dayak filmmaker who is passionate in videography and the beauty of Dayak culture & forests, Jovi decided to start a journey in audio-visual activism through making films. No weapons, no aggressions — only through the power of his lenses, Jovi wants to change the world for the better. His film is MELAWAN DIAM UNTUK HUTAN, a form of audio-visual activism he made dedicated to the forest and indigenous community,



Aditia started to getting to know filmmaking while sitting in SMK and often helping local polices to make documentary films or doing documentation for events. Together with his friends from HARIAN SI ANANG, they made a short film called KUKU with Aditia as the producer and director of photography. He’s now active in HARIAN SI ANANG production team & FORUM SINEAS BANUA.



Juliana is from Dayak Ot Danum tribe and a Dayak Ngaju tribe. Ever since junior high school, Juliana has been interested and involved in videography. While pursuing her bachelor degree at the University of Palangkaraya, she joined RANU WELUM MEDIA as the camera operator and video editor. Ever since, she has been sharing her love of filmmaking with other youths. She had trained youth community in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, on filmmaking focusing on the ANTI CIGARETTE SMOKE CAMPAIGN. With her love for Dayak culture and filmmaking, she also travels to different villages in Kalimantan to film and showcase the story of indegenous people. She’s the editor of the film DAYAK BREAKTHROUGH.



An 18 years old from Dayak Simpang tribe, Delly came from Tahak Village (Simpang Hulu Subdistrict, Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan). She is one of the initiators for the formation of SAKOLAH ADAT ARUS KUALANT with her older sister. In 2014, together they formed non-formal education activities in Tahak and Sungaibansi village based on culture, tradition, environment and literacy. Delly is a multitalented artist, she sings, dances and plays Dayak traditional instrument Sapek. She goes to her village every holidays to teach the kids in her customary school where they learn about traditional games, arts and crafts, and also literacy.


A young filmmaker and environmental activist from the Dayak Ngaju tribe, Sumarni strives to educate and empower young people to care more about their environment and culture through filmmaking and social media content. She’s the coordinator of YOUTHACT KALIMANTAN that initiated THE HEARTLAND PROJECT and YOUTH FORUM. Along with RANU WELUM MEDIA, she made a film about the tradition from Dayak culture, KARUNGUT.



A university student from IAIN Palangka Raya, Sukmawaty has knowledge of cinematic photography, scriptwriting, audio visual and film editing. She won first place in the ‘Kirab Pemuda 2018’ event with her first film DI ATAS MILENIALITAS, a film with the theme of the local wisdom of Dayak culture in her area, written by her and produced with her community KOMIK PRODUCTION. She won first place again in a public service ad competition with her work: DIET INFORMASI, an ad about Hoax, held by the TVRI Central Kalimantan TV station.