A short documentary re youth movement in Kalimantan to tackle and end forest fire and toxic haze that happen for 19 years. A story of people struggling during the worst toxic haze in 2015 and their hope being told by a young Dayak activist based in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan.

A reflective story of someone who's going back to her hometown which located in remote area of Barito. Dreams and hopes of children in Talekoi village has been the opening of the story. This is the words from they who lose beloved ones in the midst of social and economy pressure.

10 - 17 of July 2017 Ranu Welum collaborated with UNICEF (project coordinator) and various other organizations to develop haze hacks. This collaboration started when Emmanuela Shinta was involved as the speaker in Global Landscape Forum: Peatlands Matter, a forum which networked Ranu Welum Foundation with organizations like UNICEF, CIFOR and Pulse Lab Jakarta.

Give a child a chance.

An education project with environmental and cultural based approach in Petuk Katimpun village, Central Kalimantan.