Photograph : Wayan Martino

Photograph : Wayan Martino

CEO & Executive Director

Emmanuela Shinta is a Dayak leader, activist, filmmaker and writer whose work is widely known in Asia Pacific. With a reputation for leading and empowering young people, she regularly speaks at workshops, graduations, panel discussions, activist forums and even in churches, around the region.

Shinta is known well with her passion in leading movement. YOUTH ACT Campaign is the most known one in Asia Pacific and is featured in UNICEF Publication 2017. She uses her knowledge and experience in media to train indigenous young people to use audiovisual media as the tool for social change. She has produced short films and documentaries which are oriented to Indigenous people's rights. WHEN WOMAN FIGHT is one of her documentary which is screened in several international film festivals and forum. She is also an active minister in Christian outreach and ministry. She believes that her achievement is a gift from God so she can spread the good news and touch many lives through her platform.

Emmanuela Shinta is the founder of Ranu Welum Foundation, ALIVE Global Ministry, and EL Creative Production. She is also the founder of DANUM Magazine and author of books ENLIGHTENED (2016) and ME, MODERNISM AND MY INDIGENOUS ROOTS which is launched this year.

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Program Manager

Roro Ardya Garini is an indigenous activist who belongs to Dayak Ngaju tribe while her father is Javanese. She is the co-founder of Ranu Welum Foundation and working with Dayak young people to develop community businesses which are relevant to their skills and interest. She also establish clothing and culinary business as a social entrepreneur.


Field Coordinator

Anastasia Dita is a Dayak Maanyan-Dusun who is passionate about i-tech and media. She has joined Ranu Welum since 2014 and officially become the core member in 2016. Her expertise is in editing and operating camera in Ranu Welum Media. She has been working with filmmakers both local and international to record the indigenous stories. Dita also travels to the villages around Kalimantan to film and give training to the youth to be able to use camera to speak on behalf of their communities. Besides being the coordinator for filmmaking community, Dita is also the spokesperson and contact person for international network.


Communication & Public Relations

Sumarni Laman received Bachelor degree in Chemistry Education of Palangkaraya University. She is expertise in biological resources and water management and passionate about teaching kids. Her interest in environment issue bringing her to join as volunteer in Ranu Welum since 2017 then become staff in 2019. She serves as Youth Act coordinator and be in charge for communication & public relations, including international network.